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About Us

List Eliminator Home Services Inc was started by Jeff Gillam in 2012. With a creative mind and an eye for detail, Jeff took his hands-on approach for fixing things himself to the next level.


List Eliminator was formed to help families with busy, active lifestyles with their home maintenance and repairs.  We've all heard of the proverbial "honey-do list", well we're here to help eliminate that list from your daily life.  


Growing up, Jeff's father was the ultimate handyman, there wasn't much he couldn't fix or build himself. With Jeff never far from his side, all that skill and knowledge couldn't help but get passed along.  - Thanks Dad!


As a home owner for the past 22 years, and a landlord for several of those years, Jeff has refined his skills.  Combined with his passion for detail and helping others, List Eliminator Home Services Inc. was formed. After a successful year and a half operating out of North Vancouver the timing was right for List Eliminator to relocate to the Okanagan.


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